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Lite-C FMOD wrapper plugin DLL for the A7 game engine

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Hey folks, I am proud to announce the first release of the Lite-C FMOD wrapper plugin DLL (v 0.1) for the announced A7 game engine. It is a wrapper for the FMOD 3.75 DLL, designed by Fireflight Technologies, Inc. What is FMOD / the Lite-C wrapper plugin DLL? FMOD is a cross-platform audio engine, which makes it easy for you to use current audio technologies in your software. No other audio engine offers such a rich and up-to-date platform support. FMOD isn't only available for the Windows 32 bit system, but also for 11 other systems, among them e.g. Windows 64bit (AMD64), Linux, Macintosh and all game consoles available on the market. FMOD is being and was used by over one hundred commercial games, for example in "World of Warcraft" or "Flat Out". With the Lite-C FMOD wrapper plugin DLL for A7 / Lite-C, all of those features will be enabled for you, no matter which edition of the A7 engine you own or if you just use the free Lite-C distribution. AND THE BEST OF ALL: IT'S FREE! current features (in short) - different drivers, software driver faster than hardware driver! - samples - HD / disc / internet streams (adjustable buffering; file tags; file length (ms/secs/bytes); net streaming / buffering / via proxy; substreams / multiple streams / samples banks) - channel operations and analysis (play, pause, stop, frequency; volume, panning; priorities; seeking; subchannels; runtime volume analysis) - audio CD (seeking, track count, current track; selectable drive; faster than conventional mediaplayer - no polling!) - Spectral analysis (FFT) The distribution contains the binaries (the DLL and the appropriate Lite-C header file), documentation (german/english) and a huge collection of sample files, ready to use (EXE files will be added as soon as A7 is being released). The wrapper DLL and its additional contents are freeware, though, you have to agree to the license terms of the FMOD engine as well (see License Agreement). More information, the download files, FAQ and knowledge base, donate information and License Agreement are to be found on my website: http://www.christian-behrenberg.de Cheers and have a good day, Christian

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