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Same model different item

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Sokol    122
I am sorry if this problem has been discussed before, unfortunately I couldn't find anything about it. I made my first game model It's a dwarf but of course it doesn't matter. In every tutorial I was doing, every model had items(such as weapon) "sticked" to it. But let's say that I want dwarf to be PC and I would like to use 10 different types of weapons(they are completly different not only colour) for him 10 different types of armor, and 10 types of helmets. Would that mean that I have to make 10*10*10=1000 models of dwarf with different items??

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Drilian    1067
No, generally meshes are made of just the items that go on the dwarf. I.e. there's a model for the sword in the hand, an (animated) model of the shirt, pants, etc.

These are drawn on top of the dwarf, using position/animation information from the base (naked) dwarf mesh.

For, say, a sword, you could attach the sword model to the skeletal animation bones in the hand of the dwarf, and use the same animation data to animate it. Same with the shirt, etc.

Thus, you'd need different versions of the models for each base mesh (i.e. one for an elf, one for a dwarf, x2 if there are male and female models), but you don't need every combination of every item ever.

That would suck.

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