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[C#] need help detecting fullscreen crash during automation

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This is probably the wrong forum, but... I am tasked with creating an automation app that runs a bunch of DX applications and performs various tests on them. I am writing this app in C#. My current barebones algorithm is: for each (DX app) { 1. Launch the Process. 2. Get the Main Window Handle. 3. Attempt fullscreen toggle. [SendKey("f")] 4. If #3 successful, attempt windowed mode toggle. [SendKey("f") again] 5. Close Process. 6. Write results. } The problem I am having is that one of the apps crashes when going into fullscreen mode. When this occurs, my PC freezes (no mouse movement) and even though the debugger is still running, it does not continue to execute code. The only way I have found to unfreeze my PC is to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the "Lock Computer, Log off, Shut Down, ..." dialog. As soon as I do this, the crash dialog appears. When I close the crash dialog, my PC unfreezes and even though the debugger is still running, my automation app does not execute any more code. I can only just stop the debugger. I can get it to crash in other ways in windowed mode and the crash detection works fine. Does anyone have any experience with this or can provide any insight into a possible solution/workaround? Or am I just screwed? Thanks in advance.

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