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When an X File Animation Set is at its end?

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How do I figure out when an animation set is at the end? I try to use the following code to figure out the position, but the animation skips over the end values at time and loops. void SkinnedMesh::playAnimation(LPD3DXANIMATIONCONTROLLER animeCon) { animeCon->GetAnimationSet(m_nNextAnimation, &animation); animeCon->SetTrackAnimationSet(m_dwCurrentTrack, animation); animeCon->GetTrackDesc( m_dwCurrentTrack, & td ); } double SkinnedMesh::GetAnimationPercent(void) { return animation->GetPeriodicPosition(td.Position) / animation->GetPeriod(); } How can I tell when the animation is over so I can change the current animation to the next?

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