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Unity [web] Calling for Writers on Web Development Subjects

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Project: Web Presence – Articles and Tutorials on Web Design, Development, Marketing and Usability.

Background: Web Presence is currently under development to pursue my goal of earning more money. Currently I am unhappy with my employer - a popular web site design and internet marketing company in the Purcellville, Va. Area, I have decided to market my abilities and skills to smaller business customers that my current company simply cannot  begin to work with (due to these businesses having smaller budgets).

Please note, this company's web site's main goal is to draw in clients both locally and across the nation (United States) – making it a for-profit / business web site.

Purpose: Draw more traffic and recognition to the web site and my services by providing in depth tutorials and articles for the do-it-your-selfer. These articles will cover a wide range of topics but will always be “best web practices” oriented.

What I Need: People who are interested in writing articles or tutorials in the field of web design, development, marketing or usability. Categories will be ever expanding as only more languages and programs will come and go; I cannot possibly write every article on every language nor teach each available software application, nor does my knowledge allow me to even write in certain areas.

What I Offer: Set up via a custom application (much like word press) you'll be able to add articles or tutorials to a wealth of categories. You will also have your own bio page which in turn will list all articles you've submitted to the site. There are no pop-ups, and the design of my site will not take away from the content being presented.

Direct links to your article are allowed, people will not be required to reach your page through browsing or searching our site's content first. You'll also have no bandwidth restriction – it's on us.

There is no monetary compensation for providing your article on our site. There is also no such compensation planned for the future. If, for some reason, the site's main goal (pursuit of new clients) changes, adjustments to the design and direction we take the site may offer such compensations in the future.

Catch 22: Posts will be approved by me or a close colleague before being made public. Any file attachments – including images used within the content of your posted article or tutorial will be downloaded, checked for viruses, and optimized. If your graphic file, for whatever reason, cannot be optimized we will keep your post at a draft state until it's fixed. There will also be a total file limit for standard users of this system – this setting is controllable and can be increased on a case by case basis.

Ad placement will most likely occur. Our current business model does rely on revenue generated through the form of direct advertisement sales. These advertisements and their placement amongst the content of the page have not been determined yet. However, I stand firmly against placing advertisements in positions that break the content or flow of any article or tutorial on the site.

Current schema: Just an arbitrary list of items that I would like for the site to cover:

  • Design
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Indesign
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Macromedia Flash
    • Macromedia Freehand
  • Development
    • ASP.NET
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • javascript
    • Ajax
    • MySQL Databases
    • PHP (4 and up since 5's implementation has not peaked)
    • etc
  • InternetMarketing
    • Common internet marketing strategies and search engine optimization techniques. May break out into a “SEO” category at a later time.
  • Usability
    • Various articles on usability concerns for web sites. These articles will cover topics such as the w3c standards and their use.

Other Information: At this time I'm pursuing this project at a very slow rate. Please bare with me as I'm still currently fully employed at my present job and with the new addition to my family that came on Valentine's Day this year I cannot afford a risky move.

I would also like to picture a community message board at this site. At that time you should expect a similar post / opportunity such as this for board moderators, also all writers at that time will have a special account allowing them to moderate as well. However, until it becomes well established this is not undergoing a pursuit. My intentions are to draw potential clients for either web site re-design or internet marketing to my site and establishing it as a great resource for do-it-your-selfers.

Also note in the above list of categories and sub-categories that software with multiple versions will be their own sub-category. (The ability to post it in each of those categories, however, is available to you.) Also, I'm striving for the latest versions of languages or software tools (example: ASP and ASP 2.0 will not be covered, PHP < 4 will not be covered, HTML with depreciated tags will not be covered).

Contact Instructions: If you're interested in writing for me or have feedback on my project (ANY criticism) please contact me at personal e-mail address:

mark.a.drake “at”

I'll check this thread of as well, but prefer to talk to people one-to-one in regards to writing for the site.

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I'm posting this here instead of e-mailing you because I think other people will want to know this too:

* What else do you offer the writer besides "We'll host your article"?
* Where do the copyrights go? If they stay with the writer, what license do you want?
* What license will you offer the articles under on your site?
* Do you have a preliminary site we can look at?

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Original post by Sander
I'm posting this here instead of e-mailing you because I think other people will want to know this too:

* What else do you offer the writer besides "We'll host your article"?
* Where do the copyrights go? If they stay with the writer, what license do you want?
* What license will you offer the articles under on your site?
* Do you have a preliminary site we can look at?

Besides an area where they can post articles, tutorials and perhaps and individual blog (that will not be linked to by any other page then their bio), the offerings are very slim.

The author of course owns his content and reserves the right to remove the content at any time or edit (pending approval of the edit) anything he/she contributes to the site. We lay no claim to the content written and reserve no rights over it. You are free to do what you will with the content you provide - even if you want to permanently delete it or your account.

I want to reiterate the fact that we will have copies downloaded from the server onto our development computers - testing for viruses and reading through the content to approve it first before it becomes live and is displayed on the site. This process will also occur during edits or changes to the article / tutorial.

I'm open to any ideas or requests that may make this more attractive to writers.

The site is live as it's being worked on, so that people who have the url can begin testing. I'm currently employed by what would be a competitor after the site launches, so I do not want to release the url.

The layout will be very similar to google, with two horizontal menus beneath the logo and search bar. The first horizontal menu will have the main categories of the web site listed (articles and tutorials) and from there allows them to navigate that portion of the site. The menu beneath it is darker colored and has the menu items that refer to our services, portfolio, and contact information. The next section of the page is a 90% centered div that will hold content of each page, article, tutorial, bio, etc. The bottom footer matches the darker colored menu at the top which shows general links about the company and contact information.

Sorry I had to provide you a description instead of a url. This site is very basic and allows a very large portion of the viewing area (coined "real estate") to be filled with content. The business services area may differ from the layout above by including two columns. But really is of no concern to the writers as they will be featured on the opposite section of the site.

If you'd like to take a look at the design please e-mail me; it's very simple, however. Thanks for the questions Sander - please let me know of any suggestions you may have (and also anyone else).

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