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OpenMesh library

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Hello everybody, I've started using OpenMesh lib recently and I don't know how to do some things... I want to add some extra attributes to my mesh. For example, I want to add a flag (a boolean variable) just to mark interior and exterior vertices, how can I do it? I coded a "MyTraits" class and added this attribute using the "VertexTraits" macro but I don't know if this is ok... if it's correct, how can I access to these attributes? Thank you very much

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It's me again, I've solved the problem without adding attributes to my OpenMesh structure, I've built a struct like this (it's a very stupid solution but it will work):

typedef OpenMesh::TriMesh_ArrayKernelT<> TriMesh;

typedef struct
TriMesh chart;
//this is for identifying submeshes, etc.
std::vector<int> geo;
std::vector<int> triSet;
std::vector<int> tri;
//the flag I mentioned, this vector contains a flag for each vertex of the mesh
std::vector<bool> interior;
} MyMesh;

Anyway, I'd like to know how can be done what I asked before...

Thanks again

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Ok, now I've done what I told you in the first post and it works fine:

struct Traits : public OpenMesh::DefaultTraits
int _geo, _triSet, _tri;
bool _interior;
int geo() { return _geo; }
void set_geo(int g) { _geo = g; }
int triSet() { return _triSet; }
void set_triSet(int t) { _triSet = t; }
int tri() { return _tri; }
void set_tri(int tr) { _tri = tr; }
bool interior() { return _interior; }
void set_interior(bool in) { _interior = in; }

typedef OpenMesh::TriMesh_ArrayKernelT<Traits> MyMesh;

I've got some meshes segmented in multiple charts and I'm trying to classify its vertices into boundary or interior ones. To do so I'm using OpenMesh's "is_boundary" method like this:

MyMesh::VertexIter v_it;

for (v_it = mesh.vertices_begin(); v_it != mesh.vertices_end(); ++v_it)
if (!mesh.is_boundary(v_it.handle())) std::cout<<"Chart: "<< i<< ". This is a boundary vertex\n";
else std::cout<<"Chart: "<< i<<". This is an interior vertex\n";

"mesh" is a pointer and each position contains one of the mentioned charts, with all its geometry.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but the message is always the same "This is an interior vertex". Anybody knows how to find interior and exterior nodes?

Here you have two images of a very simple mesh divided in 2 charts:

The red dots are the vertices and as you can see they aren't always interior...

Thank you very much

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