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Moving and turning

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IceCoder    122
Hi, I'm new to 3d programming and I would like to know a way to move an object, i.e.: the camera. what algorithms should I use if I want to turn left by 45° and move forward? I believe I should use Sin and Cos, but how?

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tweduk    144
I think it's impossible to get anywhere in 3D programming without understanding the mathematics behind it. Without that, you might be able to muddle your way through and create something that works, but your progress will be slow!

To write even a simple 3D app, you need to understand vectors, matrices and transformations, and it helps immensely if you are able to visualise things in 3 dimensions.

There is a reasonable introduction to transformations here:

The bit specifically about rotation is here:

There are other tutorials on the web, and plenty of University course lecture notes online, although the lecture notes tend to deal with the subject at a pretty abstract level, whereas you probably want concrete examples. Your best bet is to google a lot with keywords like "3D rotation", "3D transformation".

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