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Converting 24 Bit Images to 8 Bit palletized with 15 Bit CLUT

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Hi folks, is there a graphic tool that is able to convert a 24 Bit Image (RGB888) to an 8 Bit palletized Image (I8) with an 15 Bit CLUT (=1 palette entry is RGB555) in one step? Please don't understand me wrong, I know it's possible (e.g. with PS) to first convert to an 8 Bit Image with a 24 Bit CLUT and then reduce the CLUT to 15 Bit, but this method isn't optimal and loose a bit quality. Also, it's not optimal to first reduce the colors of the image to 15 Bit and then convert it to palletized format (because of the needed dithering). I would be really happy to find a software which can handle this. I need that for a game that runs on hardware that only supports RGB555. Thanks in advance, mcram

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