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[web] Help me understand XML

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spaceJockey123    122
All I've been able to understand about XML is that it focuses on describing data and what data is. But why is XML so special??? It would be really useful if someone could give me an example of how XML can be used in a website like Amazon or something. Thanks, Space-j

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Sander    1332
XML isn't special. It is however very useful for a couple of reasons.

1) There isn't a platform or language that does not have XML tools. That means you only have to write a little code to start using XML somewhere.

2) It's human readable. That makes for easy testing and debugging

3) You can transform one kind of XML into another relatively easily (read up on XSL).

As for an example, follow the XSL link above. It has a series of nice examples about a bookstore.

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