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Question to 3ds format gurus :-)

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Here's some problem with exporting to 3ds. Is this list of chunks enough for 3D Max to load my file:
const unsigned short CHUNK_MAIN                = 0x4D4D; // [-]
    const unsigned short CHUNK_VERSIONF      = 0x0002; // 
    const unsigned short CHUNK_OBJMESH          = 0x3D3D; // [-] 
      const unsigned short CHUNK_MESHVERSIONF  = 0x3D3E; 
      const unsigned short CHUNK_OBJBLOCK        = 0x4000; // [+]  
        const unsigned short CHUNK_TRIMESH      = 0x4100; // [-]  
          const unsigned short CHUNK_VERTLIST    = 0x4110; // [+]  
          const unsigned short CHUNK_FACELIST    = 0x4120; // [+] 
I feel that something is missed. Can anyone suggest me how many chunks should be listed to get a valid 3ds file? [Edited by - Neisa on May 16, 2007 11:19:11 PM]

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Here's what i've been using....

#define PRIMARY 0x4D4D

#define OBJECTINFO 0x3D3D // This gives the version of the mesh and is found right before the material and object information
#define VERSION 0x0002 // This gives the version of the .3ds file
#define EDITKEYFRAME 0xB000 // This is the header for all of the key frame info

#define MATERIAL 0xAFFF // This stored the texture info
#define MATNAME 0xA000 // This holds the material name
#define MATDIFFUSE 0xA020 // This holds the color of the object/material
#define MAT_TEXMAP 0xA200 // This is a header for a new material
#define MAT_MAPNAME 0xA300 // This holds the file name of the texture
#define MAT_SPECMAP 0xA204
#define MAT_BUMPMAP 0xA230

#define OBJECT 0x4000 // This stores the faces, vertices, etc...
#define OBJECT_MESH 0x4100 // This lets us know that we are reading a new object
#define OBJECT_VERTICES 0x4110 // The objects vertices
#define OBJECT_FACES 0x4120 // The objects faces
#define OBJECT_MATERIAL 0x4130 // This is found if the object has a material, either texture map or color
#define OBJECT_UV 0x4140 // The UV texture coordinates

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Is it necessarily to use OBJECT_UV chunk? Can this work without it?

When I'm trying to open my 3ds file, I'm getting error improrer file format. Does this happen only when 3dmax can't load file?

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