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OpenGL Loading file containing textures

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hi im new here but i learned some opengl its maybe not much enough want i wanted to ask i got 3 files 1 of them contains the texture another contains a the walkable places for the texture and another which binds the 3 and got some effects and models i think now i wanted to know how to load them with an opengl program i wanted to create for the moment only a map viewer and after that i wanted to change it to an map editor here is the link to an example of the 3 files: Here i would appreciate help a lot thank you [Edited by - KingXs on May 19, 2007 4:17:56 AM]

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Well first when trying to mess with files, you have to know the specs. I don't know where these files came from but you will have to find the specs.

I opened up one in a text editor and I don't know if its right but it looks like there are like 50 models in one of the files and mainly are boxes and cylinders.

You said one has a texture but none of the files have a picture extension. Why not just use a bitmap rather than a seperate file?

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these files are used by a game
i cant modify (for the moment -.-) them
the 3 files contain everything about the map

and how can i find out the specs

i sound realy noob
but i ordered some books

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Dont call yourself a noob.
Getting to the point OpenGL never loads any type of file or coordinates from a file unless you load it and change it to OpenGL recognisable format ie you find the coordinates for each vertex from the file and then set them in the program.
Unless its already known you will have to do a research on how the game loads those files as textures, cooedinates or anything.
Also let me point out as dpadam450 said that there is no picture file or a file that contains textures it might be possible that the game uses textures compiled in the game itself ( no files for that )

Hope you understand what I am trying to say.

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kind of
thank you

ehm the game looks like this:

the server is started
it contains only the informations about the configs and so

the game got a folder with those files that i gave you
with a folder which contains textures(bitmap [maybe i forgot that >.<])
sprites for the characters ingame
and some little stuff which i wont list here because their not usefull for my idea

i reuploaded the files with the texture (maybe that was why it didnt worked duno)
(dont let you irritate by the folder name of the textures, its like this.
i put some more map files in it maybe it works finer with them because the other ones where customs)


i opened the gnd with hexeditor
and looked which texture it needs

PS: thanks for not considering me a noob^^

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