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[MDX] How to use mesh's EffectInstances() when rendering

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Hallo everyone! Now, I know it's not good form to burst straight onto a forum and start begging for help. Erm. Yes. I'm working with MDX to make a little graphics engine, got all the basics working - even got some post-shaders running.. then I hit a brick wall. I was wondering to myself if there was a more elegant way of using shaders on my geometry, and it occured to me that there may be more output from the Mesh.FromFile() method that I hadn't used - sure enough, there's a return for an array of EffectInstances().. and that's as far as I get. An hours blast through the MSDN docs and the web hasn't really given me any clues as to what I do with them to make them render nicely on my loaded geometry. Soo.. - I check for that the effect filename for each member of the effectinstances array is not null. From there I'm stuck, I know that I can create a new material from the returned effectinstance and extended material, but the rest of the implementation escapes me. Not sure what to do with the parameters I get from effectInstances[].GetDefaults() for a start. But assuming I get all this set up correctly, do I just set my material as usual before calling Mesh.DrawSubset? Phew! Thanks for reading this far, any help at all would be gratefully received. EDIT: Please choose a more appropriate subject line in future! See the FAQ for more details... [Edited by - jollyjeffers on May 17, 2007 6:53:14 AM]

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