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Formula for calculating different L.O.D levels?

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Hi! Hopefully I havn't confused anyone with the topic, since it probably sounds more advanced than it really is. ;) What I need is the following: I have eight levels of detail, sorted as an integer value. The view space should be divided from the camera viewpoint to the farplane at these steps, i.e anything between step 2 and 3 has the same detail level. I've been trying to get this into a simple formula, similar to how int(somefloatvalue) return a whole number. I could probably solve it with a couple of "if larger than and smaller than", but cleary there must be a simplier, algorithmic, way ? :) Thankful for any help! /Robert

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I use a simple algorithm to determine where the LOD boundaries are. I don't know if it's the "standard" but it seems logical to me:


# determine LODs
lodStep = 10 # completely arbitrary. Will depend entirely on the scale you're using
lodCoefficient = 0.5
lodBoundary = lodStep
lods = []
for i in range(8):
print lodBoundary
lodStep *= lodCoefficient
lodBoundary += lodStep


I would just put these values into an array and be done with it.

def findLod(distance):
for i in range(len(lods)):
if distance < lods:
return i
return len(lods) - 1

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Try this: If LOD i has ni polygons and it is displayed starting at a distance of di, and LOD i+1 has ni+1 polygons, then it should be displayed starting at a distance of di * sqrt( ni/ni+1 ).

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