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DLL Problem

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Hiya, I'm having some trouble getting my DLL to compile, and I was wondering if anyone could have a quick look and see what the problem is. At the moment, all it needs to export is a factory function called bool CreateFileIStream( IFileIStream **ppStream );. The constructor of the abstract IFileIStream class needs to be protected, and have the factory function as a friend. It's a simple design, but because the factory function needs to be exported I'm not sure of the syntax and I can't find any similar examples anywhere.
class IFileIStream : public IFileStream

    friend extern "C" __declspec (dllexport) bool __stdcall CreateFileIStream( IFileIStream **ppFileIStream );


    // constructor, etc...


    // etc...

If anyone could tell me the correct way of doing this I would be very grateful. Many thanks :)

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