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cannot register window class

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i cant register this window class
      WNDCLASSEX   wc;
      wc.cbSize                = sizeof( WNDCLASSEX );
      wc.style                 = 0;
      wc.lpfnWndProc           = sys.main_wndproc; 
      wc.cbClsExtra            = 0;
      wc.cbWndExtra            = 0;
      wc.hInstance             = wstate.hInstance;
      wc.hIcon                 = NULL;
      wc.hCursor               = LoadCursor( NULL, IDC_ARROW );
      wc.hbrBackground         = NULL;
      wc.lpszMenuName          = NULL;
      wc.lpszClassName         = "wndclass";
      if( !RegisterClassEx( &wc ) )
          MessageBox( NULL, "Could Not Register Window Class!", "Error", MB_ICONEXCLAMATION | MB_OK );
          return FALSE;

i think the problem has to do with wstate.hInstance, if i declare this in another .cpp file is it containing the value for that file and not this one? or just one value for the entire program? i tired making a temproary hInstance inside of this .cpp file but that didnt work either, do i need one form the .cpp file with winmain?

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The HINSTANCE you give the structure is generally the one given to you in WinMain(). Individual .cpp files do not have their own HINSTANCEs, individual executables have their own HINSTANCEs.

Having said that, you forgot to set hIconSm to NULL or an appropriate value.

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