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Changer: Spider Crossbow

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Changer: Spider Crossbow 1st, allow me to apologies for my 'nasty' English. 2nd is just everything else. So, this is an idea of mine for an RPG future game, hence 'future', currently in its infant stage, but we all love ideas, don't we? Maybe not.. So, the innovation here revolves pretty much around spells, which you can combine the way you whish within the same school of spells. So the spells are arranged like before, that is, they belong to a certain school, for example, water spells are in the water section, and fire spells in the fire section. When combining, you can make a spell out of three different spells, if you want such a spell. 1st you press the custom button in a school of magic and then make your custom spell or spells. This means that there are somewhat less spells in this game, so you may compensate with custom spells, if you want to. And you most probably want more than just a few certain custom spells, because at later stages, as you advance in level, you will be able to make the strongest spells custom-made! So more than a half of the spells in the game can be combined, which are made out of either usually three or two parts, as there is a minority of spells w/o the above parts, like standard spells from previous RPG games. Speaking of three parts of one spell, all of those parts can inflict a different damage, or the same damage, say, 21 fire damage by default. But then you just click on an appropriate icon of such spell to separate it in three parts. So then you have 7, 7 & 7 damages, respectively, and so you can choose one, or two to combine with a part of another spell of the same school of magic, be it earth, wind, water or fire. Hence the title: 'Changer.' But speaking of changing, such 'changing' although likely is core regarding spells, it is not limited to spells only, as you can apply similar thing also to, say, swords and staffs. Speaking of staffs, when a wizard defeats an opponent, especially a tough one, or sometimes when he advances in level, a different enchanted engraving will appear on his default magic stick, granting him additional powers. And sometimes he can find or pick en engraving at weirdest of places. The stick is made out of quality wood, so these magic engravings manifest as if he carved them with a knife. As for certain swords, most of them actually, they have two grooves, just like in the little picture below. And in this groove you may place an enchanted cubic little object called puzzle-box, which can add, say, +7 fire damage. So when you put it in the above hole, sword's handle finally looks leveled, that is, w/o this little ugly hole. If you are a stylist, you know what I am talking about. Oh and there is one of the finest types of swords out there, called Clover swords. These swords have three grooves! Nifty. Anyway, all this is pretty much the core of the above fiction game, and the only reason I propose it, is because I, myself, would like to play a game like that. After the crazy Alien Shooter Vengeance, I'd say Changer: Spider Crossbow takes the cake, having an interesting atmosphere of the above 'changing' nature, which could glue the gamer on the chair in front of the screen like a superglue! And below this body of text is just a few snacks, additions to the game, but good ones.. sword Spider crossbow The game has gotten the name thanks to a crossbow called spider crossbow. It is made out of the most valued strings made by elves living in the Spider Forest, and the rest of its parts are not lagging behind! The wood it is made of originates from another elf forest, called Magic Forrest, and its remaining little parts are excellent craftsmanship, because dwarfs have their little hands in it, particularly Cromwell. Heh, this is probably the only instance when elves and dwarfs put their mutual hatred behind so they can make this portable and fast device! It is quite fast, that it can fire three arrows almost instantaneously, thanks to the three above strings, which move in a splendid & almost hypnotic rotating fashion. If you like crossbows, you'll definitely want this one. Even if you prefer long bows, you might want to change to crossbows because of the spider crossbow. Addition to arrows Still, long bows are not bogging down when compared to the above crossbow, because in this game, there are plenty of double arrows, if you have a lot of money or if you steal them as a thief. arrow MC spells There is also a new category of spells, called, magical contraptions or MC magic. These spells imitate hard weapons, like axes, for instance. The magic carries the magic weapon to the foe with levitating magical hands, and the wizard must concentrate on this spell until it is gone, meaning the wizard cannot do nothing else for a brief period of time. And when the spell gets to the opponent, it grows bigger and does its designating thing. Nifty! In the above category of spells, you can find a standard spell, for instance, MC sledgehammer, which needs no explanation. [Edited by - Rollsbee on May 19, 2007 4:16:47 AM]

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Summary of Rollsbee's idea: Apply the art of item crafting to spells. (i.e. mixing different components to form something new).

Not a bad idea, Rollsbee. Someone will probably make a post saying "this has already been done on such-and-such-games," but I think you've got the creativity to make your version better than what may or may not already be out there.

A few things I think you should go into detail on are as follows:
  • What are all the different schools of magic?

  • Can all schools combine with every other school, or are there restrictions?

  • What happens on failed combination attempts?

  • How would the spell combining work in-game? (i.e. What would it look like to the user, and how would he/she select spells to be combined? How will all this be managed, including spell inventory?)

  • What limits the user from forging new spells? Does the player have to learn the new spell first, or would a scroll due? Also, what determines the relative strength of the spell?

  • Finally, what uses can you see spell combining having in-game? What are all the possible spell combinations? How will players use these spell combinations to overcome obstacles?

Expand upon the idea as much as you can, and flesh it out entirely. Will be interesting to see what you come up with. :)

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Instead of explanation for the above idea, I've been working on other stuff below. There is more, if you like, but 1st I must write it down properly, or at least give it a shot. Hallelujah.

Instead of the title Changer: spider crossbow, I opt for this title instead: Sleepwalker. Below you will see why.

Addition: little big things


This is the design section, so 'little big things' should be important. Right? I call them little big things because they don't represent big innovations, but they represent innovations regardless, which have a nice little zap to it, if you ask me. What I am saying is, it is pretty hard to be original in the design section, with all those ad&d rules, all kinds of spells, weapons, classes, all that. But this doesn't exclude new fine ideas, even though now you spend at least half an hour at the character generation at the beginning of the game, glued at the screen with all those little but groovy options. So how about spending an hour instead? Hm..



Every Wizard has his/hers initial wand he starts with, also called personal wand. He never parts with it, unless an opponent Wizard uses his powerful magic to snatch it away from his hand. Most of the Wizards are rather tall in this rpg world, and so their wands are also a little big longer & just a bit wider, just so they don't remind you of the wand Harry Potter had. I was never the same after that movie with four eyes. Also, Wizards have a good dexterity here, so they compensate well their ability to use just a few weapons, being quite good even in melee combat. Of course, their hit points are quite low, so one should, as usual, try to avoid melee combat most of the times regarding his Wizards. And as the Wizard progresses in level, before the gamer reaches the middle of the game, his Wizard acquires the melee ability of using two staffs at one time w/o penalty. The default script of Wizard automatically switches to melee mode when Wizard is attacked from up close, that is, he loses his wand and then quickly wields two weapons you have previously specified in the fast slot category. This is useful particularly when the Wizard can fight with two staffs w/o penalty, and when the Wizards acquires a fine defensive shield spell later in the game, which appears automatically, the very moment Wizard is attacked in a melee fashion. At the beginning of the game, you can generate not only the protagonist character, rather his five companions as well, if you whish. Naturally, if you choose the latter, there will be Wizards in your team, who could be distinguished by their class and wands, if this is what you want. Instead of choosing a specialist Wizard, say, Invoker or Conjurer, you choose a wand as well. So if you don't choose a specialist Wizard, then only their wands distinguish Wizard's class. So if you chose a specialist mage, say Conjurer, then your choice of wand is a subclass, not the main class, acting sort of like a multi-class. Any of these particular wands act as certain perks, really, emphasizing certain direction of Wizard's magical abilities. Thus I think the best thing is to leave the previous ad&d categories, like Invoker and Conjurer, regardless of the apparent importance of these wands.

Familiarization with wand's parts, particularly with the innovative sleepwalker mode


Every Wizard in your party must have his personal wand right from the very beginning, which only he can use and nobody else. Their relationship is sort of like between a dryad and her tree. As you can see in the picture above, wand is usually made of these parts: handle, sleepwalker stick, three magic-boxes, eight ME's, which is acronym for magical engravings, and its trademark. So, in a non-combat mode, also called the sleepwalker mode, when there is no immediate danger, the wand gets additional two parts. They are sleepwalker stick and Wizard's trademark, respectively, just as in the picture above. The trademark part is self-explanatory, but I must explain what sleepwalker stick does. You see, in previous rpg games, when a Wizard uses all of his spells, he must sleep in order to regenerate them. And now, when he casts all of his spells, he is able to slowly regenerate spells while awake, but only when there is no danger nearby. So when he walks, every time he uses the sleepwalker stick just as if he were old, or an invalid, or wounded for that matter, even though he is not. Because, every time he touches the floor with this magical stick, he slowly, but steadily, regenerates his spells just as if he were sleeping! So when he touches the floor with the above stick, only he can hear this pretty silent and a bit hypnotic sound, and note that this happens only when he is walking, not standing in place. But, of course, the spells are not regenerated in this mode fast, rather pretty slowly, because just a smallish part of his brain is, actually, sleeping. That is why the stick is called the sleepwalker stick. And note that spells of 1st level are regenerated the most quickly, meaning that the higher level of spell it is the more slowly Wizard regenerates it. So usually, unless you are traveling on the main map, the Wizard can cast more spells of 1st level per day, and also of the 2nd level, while higher spells suffer this ability. If you like the magic missile, you will definitely like the sleepwalker stick! It is also called 'false walking stick'and 'false staff', and the Wizard is called the Sleepwalker in this state, even though he is aware, since just a small part of his brain is in sleepwalker state.

Other parts of personal wand

Let's explain wand's parts that belong to the combat mode, shell we? So, as you can see in the picture above, when there is danger nearby, wand's trademark and the sleepwalker stick, both magical, they disappear. Wizard can adequately focus his/hers energy this way, instead of holding the trademark and the magic stick like a suitcase. And, of course, when combat is finished, the trademark and sleepwalker stick magically reaper after a few seconds. This way the Wizard can assume an air of importance regarding his trademark and became sleepwalker, slowly regenerating his spells.

But we are drifting away here so let's get back to combat mode. The ME's is an acronym for magical engravings, which act as perks, where one perk can be, say, +5 Charisma, or +25 fire resistance etc. But then again, just by choosing a certain wand at the very beginning is also a perk thing, because a particular wand changes the Wizard accordingly, similar to choosing Wizard class. Most Wizards have four ME's on one side, and four ME's right behind, thus eight magical engravings. Three of them automatically, magically appear as you advance through level, and they are identical for most Wizard classes. One ME appears only after you defeat a dragon. It can be any dragon of your choice, but it has to be your first. So if you defeat an ice dragon, then you, obviously, acquire certain cold advantage, usually cold resistance of certain percentage. The other remaining four ME's are chosen by you, that is, you can buy them or find them, and note that you can always replace these last four ME's. So it is not a tragedy if you buy a certain ME, and then you like some other ME better. If you remember Torment, the protagonist chooses a tattoo that he cannot later replace. I founded that part of Torment game not so groovy, so I propose the above instead, all in the changing, combining spirit of the 'Changer' game.

The magic-box acts just as a usual wand you can find in the game, so the only difference is being quite smaller and having a peculiar cubic shape. So every magic-box, and you can have three, acts just as if you just acquired a usual wand, be it fire wand, or ice wand etc. The advantage is obvious, since no Wizard can wield three wands in their full size, and like this he can use four wands at the same time, that is, three magic-boxes in his personal wand and a usual wand in his right hand. Note that he cannot use three magic-boxes at the same time if magic-box belongs to most rare and most famed powerful magic-box. This means that you can use two magic-boxes or this particular famed magic-box at one time. Still, whatever is your choice, you may use it together with a wand in Wizard's other hand, regardless of types of wands. When magic-box's power is depleted, it disappears so you may use another one, if you have it on your person.


Wand of authority

It is advised that the owner of this wand is the protagonist himself/herself. The owner of this wand is often called Artist. So if you get this wand, you will also get the above appropriate name, and the same goes for a few other wands, that is, there are different names a Wizard could get. So, with wand of authority you have hypnotic abilities, which usually are in your deep voice, when you slowly influence those with whom you initiate the conversation. Some are immune to it, and others tend to offer more information, even give you their powerful weapons sometimes! But this ability is not limited to a conversation only, as you can apply it in combat as well. So in combat you can, for instance, confuse the opponents, render them to sleep, make them panic etc. Regarding these combat bonuses, they manifest as usual spells that are twice or trice stronger, and you also acquire a few new spells. Regarding the above new spells, you cannot use them if you don't have the above wand. I am sure there are more aspects of this fine wand. It is just that I can't think of any right now. So feel free to step in, if you like it, so we finish this wand once and for all, unless it finishes us once and for all first. Note that this wand has rather powerful above abilities.

Wand of wings

wand of wings

Also called angel wand. With this wand you can summon different types of winged creatures, good or bad. But note that, usually, the good ones are more powerful than bad ones, except for the most powerful winged creature, the wind dragon. And yes, this particular dragon is the smallest dragon in fantasy world, but it is still pretty big, certainly bigger than your party of six put together. Yes, this is the most powerful creature one could summon in the game once per day, so you might want to consider this wand. Another interesting creature, that is, another additional spell only Wizard who has this wand can memories, is spell called 'Angel's tear.' This spell summons a cute little angel represented as a little boy with wings, but not Cupid. No, he doesn't have arrows of love, rather a holy tear. So what he does is, 1st he stops the time. Then he flies above the spot with foes you choose, and then he sheds a tear, one tear only. But this particular tear of his, is quite devastating, as when it touches the floor, it is devastating to evil creatures in a smallish radius, acting similar to a nitroglycerin when it hits something. Hence 'devastating.' That is the 1st thing it does. 2nd is, it acts as a powerful water spell. Which one? I haven't decided yet. Any ideas?

Fire wand

fire wand

- resistance to fire from 35% to 75% through levels
- can cast fireball two times per day w/o occupying any space in the book of magic
- the above spell is stronger by 15% to 45% through levels
- the wand can emit bright light, acting as a blindness spell. Note that at the moment of casting the spell, there mustn't be no ally or an object between the Wizard and opponents. Yes, it can blind more than one person, and it is considered to be the most powerful blindness spell out there
- the Wizard has the spell fire claws right at the beginning, which is otherwise acquired only at a higher level. So what it does is, 1st it sinks with its sharps claws into opponent's flesh, and then it burns him for three or more rounds depending on level of the Wizard. Good stuff if the foe is an ice creature
- there is more, I just have to think of it, as this is preliminary, but good?

Spite wand

A Wizard can acquire this wand only if he is evilly oriented, or at least, neutral. So if he is entirely good, no way he can hold on to this wand. The wand has two snakes at the end, facing each other, similar to snakes from Conan the Barbarian. But this is just a GIF, although important because nobody wants a pink wand, not even a girl, so let's see what I got for now regarding what it actually does!

- the Wizard has a powerful serpent spell, which can act two ways. 1st as a choke spell, creating an artificial huge snake around opponent's body. A Wizard can use this spell w/o having this wand, but with spite wand the spell is two times stronger. The other instance is a powerful venom arrow spell, cast only by the Wizard with this wand. There is no save vs. this spell, which gets even more powerful at later stages of the game, being more than half of times deadly towards the end of the game. Yep, dice roll doesn't mean much for it at the end of the game, when the Wizard almost always kills his opponent with the above magical arrow
- the Wizard's serpent and poison related spells are tripled in his book by default

Moon wand

moon wand

Moon wand gives Wizard additional crescent and full moon spells, which appear together with two new pages in his magic book. A Wizard who doesn't have this wand, can use most of these spells only as a scroll, since he cannot memories them like this Wizard, meaning he can memorize just a few. The crescent spells are beneficial to your party, and full moon spells are combat spells, like, say, summon werewolf. The above combat spells are the majority perks, but the crescent spells don't lag behind either, as some are quite potent.

ME's wand

Often called caterpillar wand. This wand is considered to be the longest wand, as it has the most magic engravings. So instead of eight, it has twice as much, sixteen! They are arranged as three parts in a triangular fashion, where each part has six ME's. The wand also has an extra magic-box. The only downside acting as a counter-balance for the above might, is that in the sleepwalker mode, this Wizard can regenerate only spells of 1st level. Keep in mind that 2nd level spells are otherwise regenerating just a bit slower than spells of 1st level. So make your choice, and good luck!

Wand of sacrifice

When you choose this wand for your Wizard, a window appears where you sacrifice four standard ME's in order to make the remaining four stronger. So these four ME's are replaceable and chosen by you only, not generated as default by the game. Note that at the end of the game they are trice stronger. This option is for acquired tastes out there, which know what they want.

[Edited by - Rollsbee on June 4, 2007 2:52:41 PM]

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I didn't read all that, but it seems to me that a cross bow named "spider crossbow" should shoot 4 arrows at once, one arrow for each pair of spider legs.

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Maybe you're right, but I wouldn't know about it. Dunno much about mechanism of that weapon. I just wanted to get designers excited so they think it through instead of me! Better someone else than me. You know how it is.

But what looks neat to me the most is the sleepwalker stick. Ain't it nifty to regenerate spells while walking!? In previous rpg games, when I was in the dungeon and I have cast all of my spells, sometimes I had to return all the way back, and sleep outside of the damn dungeon to get my needed spells back! While in sleepwalker mode, at least you regenerate spells of 1st level quite quickly, so you are back in business in no time! It is more tolerable this way if you ask me. Also, more at the end of the dungeon, when it is probably quite dangerous, you regain the most powerful spells as well! And when you are traveling on the main map, you regain all your spells in no time while you are traveling like that! Think about it.

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