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[RP] Once upon a time in a peaceful village...

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Once upon a time in a peaceful village, A Wolf God bit three villagers. Every night, the three cursed villagers would turn into wolves and eat a villager. To save the village, the Mayor asked the villagers to watchover one another carefully, and find the hidden wolves together. By the intelligence of the villagers and the help of a prophetic seer and a courageous sorceress among them, the villagers caught all the wolves. Everyone was saved and lived happily afterwards. Many years have passed. The story of the wolves have been forgotten. The Wolf God has returned, lurking in the woods, stalking the village with preying eyes. "The Seer and the Sorceress are long gone," murmurs the Wolf God, "without their help, the villagers will never discover my wolves, Mwahahaha-OWWWWWW !! ! !!" The Wolf God spins around in pain. There is a young girl in a red cloak in the bush behind him. "Hello, Mr. Big White Wolf ! What A Huge Fluffy White Tail You Have ! /joy" "/whois" "I'm the Little Red Riding Hood the Baker ! :D" "What is a baker doing in the bush ?" "I was on my way to the village with my fresh cookies, but then I saw a frog talking to a flower at the bridge, then I saw a butterfly after the flog, then I was picking some cherries and saw your fluffy tail in the bush... *blush* " The Little Red Riding Hood is embarrassed for having pulled Mr. White Wolf's fluffy tail. She shies up into a ball. Just as the Wolf God decides to eat her up, the Little Red Riding Hood asks, "Would you like a cookie ?" She opens her basket and takes out a big cookie for the Mr. Big Wolf. The cookie smells so good that the Wolf God takes a bite even though it is against his diet. The cookie is delicious. Knowing that the Little Red Riding Hood is bringing the cookies to the village, the Wolf God devises an evil evil plan... Day 0 - The Arrivals The Little Red Riding Hood skips to the village with her basket of cookies. Who will she meet today ?

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