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Creating A Scenario

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I would like to create a video game scenario but i don't know where to start. I don't know the way my ideas should be expressed on paper. Should i describe everything in details? like a movie scenario? I'm really clueless about the way videogames scenarios should be to have a chance of being released... Is there any good "how-to" scenarios guides on the internet? And I'm wondering from where the direction a videogame is taking come from. from everyone included in the project? or maybe the idea come first (like a movie scenario) and then the team is gathered to create the scenario? note: i don't search for ideas, i search for a way to express them on paper. :) Thanks alot!! p.s. I'm not a student in videogame, but i should have... :( Being able to create videogames must be great! i envy them!

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Yes Describe your details.
Make notes, ideas, and suggestions about what your scenario will be.
There are no rules on how to create scenarios.

When I first started writing,designing and created ideas I used my Imagination, Role play the scene out and when it was good to how I felt it should be I wrote it down. I then started looking at my game guides. Reading one how the book was written. This was the easiest way for me to Organize and Categorize my ideas, suggestions, thought process.

When you don't have any more ideas for your project, take a break. During your break something may come to you. When you get the idea Jot it down in your notebook.

I have helped many people learn a simple way to start their own games.
Here's an example of what I have done for a RPG project that I always used and when I memorized it I would just go to what ever I wanted to create for the story.

Main Title
Main story
Allies (if any)
History of the character(s)
History of the Ally (s) (if Any and or Optional)
Family Tree (optional)
Side Quests between Walkthrough (optional)
Map (s) of the World
Weapons List With Statistics
Armor List With Statistics
Item List With Statistics
Spells List (Optional)
Transportation List With Statistics (Optional)
World Monsters and Creatures List With Statistics (Normally named Beastiary List)
End Story or Continue Main Story
Picture Gallery (Optional)
End Main Title

There are a few more things you can add its all up to you and rearrange how ever you feel. Its about creating and having fun with your ideas.
Try new setups different ways to organize or categorize your ideas and suggestions.

Hope this helps.


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