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BSP Leaf Finding (solved)

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Hello ! I'm trying to find the leaf of a BSP the camera is in. Here's my code
  //  Find node
  i := 0;
  while (i >= 0) do
    Node := fNodes;
    Plane := fPlanes[Node.Plane];

    Distance := Plane.Normal[0] * pos[0] +
                Plane.Normal[1] * pos[1] +
                Plane.Normal[2] * pos[2] - Plane.Distance;

    if (Distance >= 0) then
      i := Node.Children[0]
      i := Node.Children[1];

  //  Return
  Result := -(i+1);
It doesn't work since for most leafs the cluster is -1 which means the camera is outside of the map. I suspect this is the code that is failing. Any ideeas? PS: version 46 BSP (Quake 3) EDIT: I solved this a few days ago. It was actually an error when switching axes of the plane normals (I was doing something like "aux = n[1]; n[2][1] = n[2]; n[2] = -aux"; Note the 2 instead of an i :) ). That was it ... stupid error. Stupid stupid error. [Edited by - Rimio on May 28, 2007 12:54:13 AM]

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