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Brick game question

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Hi all, I am doing a game similar to brick game.But i am having problem as to how do i match similar tiles. I have stored the map in a one-dimension array GameWorld .game map is 6x12. each tile will have data as to wat is stored in the tile. if it has a red tile,or blue tile or is empty. Can anyone give me a idea on how can i best check for matching tile horizontally,vertically and both. thank you very much. Glen

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So basically, you're storing a 2D grid in a 1D array, right? If so, why a 1D array and not a 2D?

If, for some reason, you want to stick to the 1D array, then I would write an accessor function for it that takes a x and y coordinate and returns the value located at that point:

int GetTile(int x, int y)
return array[x + y * width];

So, when working with a 2D array, you'd access items with array[x][y], and if you use the above function, the 1D approach isn't much different: GetTile(x, y).

From there, you'd simply call every element in a row or in a collumn and compare them to each other. Just compare each element to the next one: if one differs, then you know for sure not all elements in that row or collumn are the same, and you stop testing already.

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