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Introduction + Some questions

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Hey all, New here. I'm 15 with a bit of background in html/css. Did a gamemaker tutourial at school few years ago, was fun. I play games a fair bit. Mostly Diablo II and soon Silkroads. I started learning C++ of the net awhile back. And a bit of VBA at school. I've forgotten most of that by now. But wanting to get into it seriously now. Ok now for the questions. I know this has been asked alot but I'd like to know where people suggest to start. Where to read up on game design and What code people suggest to learn first. I dont plan on buying anything in the near future. So only free softwear/Resources for now. Some links would be helpful, Anything really would just some ideas on where to start :D Eh long post Peace

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Microsoft has some heavy weight tools for programming free of charge.
Note that if you want to develope win32 applications with Visual C++ 2005 express you will also need to install the Platform SDK package.
Follow these instructions
As far as I know, all these MS tools also require Service Pack 2.

If you want a light weight IDE for C++ development I suggest
or CodeBlocks

For tutorials and resources you should check out this thread

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If you want to relearn programming check out this thread.

If you're looking to make a text RPG, this tutorial may be helpful:

Wrath Lands

Or if you want to dive into some graphical programming using SDL and C++:

Lazy Foo's SDL tutorials or gpWiki will help.

Of course many people on these forums suggest learning a graphics library or API after you become more acquainted with programming. I also think that is the best option. So perhaps you should start with the former sites, and bookmark the latter.

EDIT: If you want to find out the meaning of some of the aforementioned terms, I suggest the GameDev dictionary.

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