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The Andreyp

continuos collision detection troubles

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hey guys! i am trying to implement CCD in my engine - i am learning of first contact time via binary search and .e.t.c! i have lot of problems, and i will start: first: my bin. search func. - is scheme right ? float getCollisionTime_BinarySearchSolver(_RigidBody *r, float t0,float te) { float ts = t0; float tk = te; start: if(tk-ts<0.001) return ts; float tm = (ts + tk) / 2; // printf("simulation time: %f\n",tm); // find contacts for current tm find_contacts(r,tm,0); ////////////////////////////////////////// if(r->num_contacts) tk = tm; else ts = tm; goto start; } as result: i get valid timestep!,so u know

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