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OpenGL Troubles Using GLEW

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I have been trying to use GLEW to enable the use of shaders in my program. However, I have been unable to get GLEW to work, much less the shaders. Whenever I call any function that should have been included from the extension, my compiler spews various "undefined references"
918: undefined reference to `_imp____glewCreateShaderObjectARB'
919: undefined reference to `_imp____glewCreateShaderObjectARB'
920: undefined reference to `_imp____glewCreateShaderObjectARB'
931: undefined reference to `_imp____glewShaderSourceARB'
932: undefined reference to `_imp____glewShaderSourceARB'
933: undefined reference to `_imp____glewShaderSourceARB'
937: undefined reference to `_imp____glewCompileShaderARB'
938: undefined reference to `_imp____glewCompileShaderARB'
939: undefined reference to `_imp____glewCompileShaderARB'
941: undefined reference to `_imp____glewCreateProgramObjectARB'
942: undefined reference to `_imp____glewAttachObjectARB'
943: undefined reference to `_imp____glewAttachObjectARB'
944: undefined reference to `_imp____glewAttachObjectARB'
946: undefined reference to `_imp____glewLinkProgramARB'
947: undefined reference to `_imp____glewUseProgramObjectARB'

The code that creates these errors is as follows (A direct copy of the example file from the GLSL tutorial found on lighthouse3d, found here
void glBase::CreateShaders()
	char *vs = NULL,*fs = NULL,*fs2 = NULL;

	v = glCreateShaderObjectARB(GL_VERTEX_SHADER_ARB);
	f = glCreateShaderObjectARB(GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER_ARB);
	f2 = glCreateShaderObjectARB(GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER_ARB);

	vs = textFileRead("toon.vert");
	fs = textFileRead("toon.frag");
	fs2 = textFileRead("toon2.frag");

	const char * ff = fs;
	const char * ff2 = fs2;
	const char * vv = vs;

	glShaderSourceARB(v, 1, &vv,NULL);
	glShaderSourceARB(f, 1, &ff,NULL);
	glShaderSourceARB(f2, 1, &ff2,NULL);



	p = glCreateProgramObjectARB();


Before I call that code, I call this
    if (glewInit() != GLEW_OK)
        Logger::Log("GLEW Did not initilize properly.");

    if (glewIsSupported("GL_ARB_vertex_shader"))
        Logger::Log("Vertex Shader Availiable.");
        VertexShader = true;

    if (glewIsSupported("GL_ARB_fragment_shader"))
        Logger::Log("Fragment Shader Availiable.");
        FragmentShader = false;
    if (VertexShader && FragmentShader)

Any help would be appreciated. I am using Code::blocks, SVN 3737 with the MinGW compiler.

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