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Model Animation Problem

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There is a model in our game that animates into place. The animation hierarchy is controlled with the D3D animation controller. I haven't had any problems in the past, but this animation is weird. In game: If animated at 1/60 time steps, a piece of the model is translated three lengths away for one frame of the animation. If updated at 1/360 time steps, the model vibrates while animating and the same piece of the model translates a little less than one length away. In the DX viewer: The model animating is fickle. I can catch screen shots of the model pieces not being properly attached. The animation flickers (suddenly translates) while rotating. In Maya: I've seen the model animate smoothly with no problems. My question is: Does D3D's animation controller have a problem with gimbal lock or some other animation problem? Or is it a problem with the model animation? How can I determine who to place blame on? :) Any help or ideas are appreciated.

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