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spaceman spiff

Learning C++: Tetris Clone w/ Direct X

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Hey everyone, Earlier this week I decided I really needed to sit down and properly teach myself more intensive game development. So, to follow the cliche, I decided I'd code Tetris in C++. I've done some coding in C++ in the past, but nothing extravagant; I've spent far more time with Java. The easiest way for me to learn has always been to take someone else's code and tear it apart piece by piece, refactoring it to comprehend it. However, I've been unable to find a single Tetris-Clone coded in C++ that wasn't written 3+ years ago. Does -anyone- have source code for a Tetris-Clone (C++) written within the last year? And ideally, it'd be meshed with DirectX, so I can get a better feel for the graphical aspect. I've searched and searched and come up with nothing. I'm tired, and a little frustrated, but I haven't given up. If I really have to start completely from scratch with nothing in front of me, I'm ready. But I thought the forums would be a good last ditch effort. Thanks, guys. spiff

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