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Game engine code architecture guidance?

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I think I'm at the beginner-intermidiate phase of programming mastery and have yet to finish a game. I havn't taken any classes on programming but have read a couple books. I worked on an isometric rpg with the DirectX9 API and made a small mod for HL2 that I never released but ditched them after awhile to go on to bigger and better things. I was coding mostly in C for the rpg then even though I wrote the code with some C++ stuff thrown in. Then I didn't have as good of a grasp on OOP with objects and the such, but now I have a better understanding of those things. Right now I'm just getting into making a game engine of my own built around the DirectX10 API. It seems architecture has been somewhat of a hot topic on here lately so I figured I'd contribute to it. I started a project using the DXUT framework that came with the DirectX SDK. Anyway I read a couple posts on here and they seem to contradict the architecture of the code I was planning on writing. I was planning on encasing everything non game specific in one boss class. Not actually making all the methods and members in it but creating the instances of my other engine objects within it. If you have seen the DXUT framework you can see that I would need to make the instance of my "boss" class a global to the file, but not project wide for all the DX functions to access my engine objects. This boss class isn't a singleton in the aspect that I can create however many of it I want but I think people have some sort of opposition for the way I want to make my engine having a boss class to which every other object/method/member is accessed through. The way I'm thinking of it I don't think there would be any data corruption if I did want to make more than one instance of the boss class due to the fact that I'm not planning on using any other file or project wide globals. I havn't read up a whole lot on program architecture but I was wondering if anyone could toss me some good links on the subject, or maybe books but preferably links since I'm low on cash if they think I shouldn't do what I have been doing. I just started this project so there's not alot to it and wouldn't be a big hassle to modify the architecture a little. Thanks, especially if you read all that. [Edited by - etsuja on May 24, 2007 2:40:21 AM]

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