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HLSL - screen space to projective texture space

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im sampling a texture in screen space. I'm then getting calculating a point in 3d screen space from this sample. Then im converting back to object space. After that i convert to the screen space of my projector, so i can do another a projective texture sample. vertex shader:
float4 hPos = mul(Po, worldViewProj);
    OUT.hPosition = hPos;
	OUT.uvScreen = hPos;

pixel shader:

// convert screen space to texture for projective lookup of depth texture
float2 screenTex = 0.5 * ((IN.uvScreen.xy / IN.uvScreen.w) + float2(1,1));
	screenTex.y = 1.0 - screenTex.y;

	float depthSample = depthTexture.Sample(samPointClamp, screenTex).r;

// convert my 3d screen space to object space
float4 oBack = mul(float4(IN.uvScreen.xy, depthSample, 1), worldViewProjInv);

// convert to projector screen space
float4 hLightBack = mul(oBack, projector.worldViewProj);

// convert for projective texture
float2 lightScreenTexFront = 0.5 * ((hLightFront.xy / hLightFront.w) + float2(1,1));
	lightScreenTexFront.y = 1.0 - lightScreenTexFront.y;

this seems to work sort of, i can see my texture being projected reasonably in the rough area, how ever moving the camera around causes this to jitter around significantly. any ideas what could be wrong?

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i've also tried converting back to world space instead of back to object space, but still not working :-/

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