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Im using a book to learn 3d maths which goes through various equations but there are no examples where i might want to use them in a game. where and why would i use the dot product and cross product?

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Lots of places, really. The cross product of two vectors gives you the normal to the plane they define, which I've used to generate normals for heightmapped terrain, and is a key part of building the camera(/view/eye) transform.

Dot products are used in lighting equations, collision detection, and tons of other areas.

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Dot product:

how much do i have to turn to face my enemy
is my new position going to be on the other side of my enemy
is a polygon facing the camera
and 1 million other reasons

Cross product:
do i turn left or right to face my target
if i'm here and my enemy is there, what's the vector pointing to my right
for physics: what's the normal to this surface?
and a million other reasons

I use dot product and cross product at least a few times each day working in AI. probably more than any other bit of math outside of basic operations (+ - * /)


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