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XNA Model or custom Model for terrain

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I have a custom object representing my terrain at the moment. I model in 3D Studio and I have a content processor that populates my land node object from the raw data. I then serialize that object to a binary file and deserialize to land node object when I want to load the terrain. All of this works wonderfully. However, right now my land node object works kind of this way. The massive VB (all vertexes in the terrain) are stored one time in the root node. Since it's an octtree I store my indexes in the leaf nodes. I render accordingly. Now I'm wondering if I could somehow use the XNA Model and mesh classes to make this simpler. So far I don't see any real way since I separate the storage of my vb and ibs and it seems the mesh classes want them all right there. So the question, is there a way, would I benefit anything from using the model/mesh in XNA over my custom object (thinking in terms of any optimizations the XNA objects might give for free)? Thanks for any input, Webby

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