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Hello I want to code a sort of simplified talk show just two characters, say John and Paul John(the bot)asks a question on a very specific topic Paul( the player) answers the questions chosen in a list of prefabricated sentences Depending on the John's answer, Paul takes some actions for example it gets upset or happy and then it asks an other question and so on Obviously the sequence of question\ answers should be hard to predict but logic For example if Bot is upset for a long series of previous wrong replies it should remains upset for a while even though the player start doing well. First of all. from your experience, do you think is it a too ambitious project ? (Turing test :)) Remember that the topic is very, very specific If so I quit immediatly Otherwise what are the most suitable AI tools for this kind of application I had in mind fuzzy logic

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Take a look at the game "the Sims". You want something similar (though way less complex).

Basically they have a series of "mood" bars that represent the mental state of the sim: sad->happy, bored->entertained, etc. I don't know for sure how the implementation of the behaviors works out but what it seems to do is the following:

All your mood bars are orthagonal axes of some coordinate system; different regions in that system have different behavior sets. So, for example the above 2 bars could create 4 quadrants:

low happy & high entertainment
low happy & low entertainment
high happy & high entertainment
high happy & low entertainment

In each region you have different sets of behaviors (obviously behaviors can appear in multiple regions). A behavior is a series of actions, some animations or maybe just some lines to speak. So based upon the questions you apply modifiers to the mood bars (which the player doesn't have to see).

By having actions in the world affect the mood bars, bam-o you get some cool emergent behavior.

In your program, questions would modify specfic mood bars. that keeps transfering the sim to diferent matrix cells in your mood matrix. thus, over time the sequence of answers the player gives will result in different sim actions.

What the sims game does well is make really entertaining outlier behaviors. Say maximum sadness and maximum dirtiness means they go insane and start randomly slapping other sims. Or whatever.


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It is exactly what I was looking for
Does anybody know any A.I. book or article of web site where I can find AI SIMS like examples ?

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