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Send them in! Open source community graphics contest

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Send them in! The FIFE community graphics contest. About FIFE FIFE is an open source 2D engine that aims to become a whole framework for the creation of cross platform (Linux, Mac, Win32) roleplaying games. Although we are having trouble getting the development started on the editor, we aim to include modding tools in future FIFE releases. The project is in development for almost 21 months now (ohh, we're getting old :-/) and we did release several public milestones of the engine over this time. The latest release, entitled FIFE 2007.1, shipped about one month ago and features our first larger custom map for FIFE. The engine supports some of the assets of the Interplay RPG classics Fallout 1 & Fallout 2. The Fallout assets served as test content for the engine but we've moved away from our Fallout roots over the last year and FIFE is slowly becoming a general purpose 2D RPG engine, suitable for the creation of all kind of roleplaying games. Here is an impression of our demo map that shipped with the 2007.1 release: FIFE 2007.1 demo map. About the contest The demo map shown above was created with free graphics from Reiner's tilesets site. We're trying to build a community around FIFE and we're also of course trying to get them involved in the project. A first step into this direction is our upcoming graphics contest, called: Send them in!. The contest will start at the first of June, 2007 and the end of it is scheduled for the first of August, 2007. There are basically four different categories in which you can take part: floor tiles, roof tiles, static & animated objects and animated characters. You can take part in more than one category but there are certain requirements for each category; if you want to win the prize of the contest, you'll need to fulfill them. So what is the prize? FIFE programmer Phoku offers to code an (useful) ~10 man hours feature into FIFE for the winner. This is probably a good way if you're considering to use FIFE for an own project but one important feature is still currently missing in your opinion. Although there will be no monetary compensation as the whole team works in their free time on the project, we're hoping for a bunch of interested participants nevertheless. We're aiming to use the contributions of all participants of the contest for a new demo map that will hopefully already ship with the upcoming 2007.2 release. More information You want to know more about FIFE and the Send them in! contest? Our development wiki are good starting points for you. Our wiki features a separate rather detailed article that is dedicated the contest. All details about the rules of the contest, license-specific issues and the different contest categories can be found there. If you still got questions about this upcoming event, feel free to visit the team at their project irc channel or ask your questions directly at the talk page of the corresponding article. You'll need to register at the wiki to get write access. We were not keen to enforce wiki registration, but the spam attacks of unregistered bots are really getting on our nerves and waste our time that could be invested far more useful. We want to thank every interested graphics artist who takes part to support an work in progress open source project :-)

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