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can't find constructor Timer(speed, this) problem java problem timers AH?

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I'm trying to make a timer in my game which is a JApplet, and I went by this tutorial timer use page from website and they say use this, "timer = new Timer(speed, this); timer.setInitialDelay(pause); timer.start(); " but when i did exactly that I get an error can't find constructor new Timer(int, main) here's what code I have for this. Timer timer; public void init() { timer = new Timer(speed, this); timer.start(); } It says it can't find the constructor for the Timer, but i have import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.Timer; I can't figure this out and I'm getting mad someone please help Thanks in advance

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Original post by Antheus
Does "this" implement ActionListener?

If so, which version of Java/compiler are you using?

Thank you, Thank you, you are a GOD!

I made my JApplet implement actionlistner I didn't do any addActionListener to the init() method, since I didn't see anything that could use it, but then I hit compiled, and it worked.

Thank you, Thank you,

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