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Hi, i have already bought some good books, but since i´m more a weekend game programmer than a really hardcore one, my state of knowledge for newer graphics technologies lacks, particularly with regard to shader programming. there are so many books about shaders available, which all seem to be excellent (the ShaderX series, the GPU Gems series), making a decision almost impossible. What´s important for me, is that the level of difficulty for shaders is intermediate, and should not focus on shaders only, but also on using and implementing them with Direct3D / OpenGL. Also, since i used to program most of my time in OpenGL before, but want to focus more on Direct3D, i need a good book covering Direct3D. Last, but not least, i think i need some books about Game Programming, which covers topics like game engine architecture, scene graphcs, game objects, game data structures, etc... The books i have already read and found very useful are: - Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics - Computer Graphics Principles & Practice - Game Programming Gems II - OpenGL SuperBible - 3D Math Primer - The CG Tutorial Do you have any further reccomendations for me? thanks in advance, Gamma_strahler -

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