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[web] Good books for learning flash/AS or fireworks?

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I'm looking for some good books that start from the ground up for both flash (I have 8 but I see stuff from MX is similar to 8) and Fireworks. I'd also like any recommendations on book which focus specifically on ation script. A few amazon searches pointed me to these texts: Actionscript: Beginning ActionScript 2.0 fireworks (this interested me due to the fact that it involves dreamweaver aswell) How to use Dreamweaver & fireworks Fireworks 8 training source Fireworks MX in easy steps anyone have these books and can give an opinion? or know any better texts I may want to look at? cheers Jon Edit just modified the links, didn't realise the site didn't use BB code :) [Edited by - Jonny_S on June 2, 2007 8:37:08 AM]

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