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raycasting unit cube

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lets say i have a unit cube, i have a point inside the unit cube. From this point, given a direction, i want to cast a ray to find where it intersects with the cube. currently i've got a list of 6 planes and im doing plane-ray intersection tests
float GetBoxIntersection(float3 rayDir, float3 rayPos, inout float3 intersectPoint)
	float closestTime = 1.0;
	for (int i = 0; i < 6; ++i)
		float rayDirDotNormal = dot(gBoxPlanes[i].xyz, rayDir);
		// skip parallel planes
		// why break and not continue you ask? well if parallel time will always be 1.0 ;)
		if (rayDirDotNormal == 0.0)
		float3 pointOnPlane = -gBoxPlanes[i].xyz * gBoxPlanes[i].w;
		float time = dot(gBoxPlanes[i].xyz, pointOnPlane - rayPos) / rayDirDotNormal;
		// hrmm can we fix the shimmering somehow?
		if (time <= 0.0001 || time >= closestTime)
		closestTime = time;

	intersectPoint = rayPos + (rayDir * closestTime);
	return closestTime;
but this is very expensive, so im guessing there has got to be a cheaper way to do this considering its a unit cube

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