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Bone Skeletal/Skinning 101

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I have a question about the basic of Bone Skeletal/Skinning. If i have two objects separate, i know i can use bone sketal to combine the two objects (like two parts of a leg). Say i have two cylinders and 3 joins and two bones. This would basically make a simple leg movement. How would i join the two cylinder together so that even when they move, they are stuck together always at a joint? (like deform) I looked at lot of articles in the internet; they talk about some weighting method on each joint which i don't understand. Can someone tell me how this works and provide a pseudo code for it? If i loaded a model into say vertex[][3](x,y,z) , normal[][3], faces[][3] (assume triangle) How would I do this? Is there any good tutorials/books that explain this from the VERY bottom up? P.S I am using OpenGL, c++.

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