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A Fuzzy Logic Program

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Hey There! I heard around here there was a program in wich one could easily program a fuzzy logic sets of fuzzification and defuzzification. I wanna try a little project i got on myhands with some bots on taking descicions using fuzzy logic, but before starting to program em in C++ I wanna see how do they'll work. I recall the program name was something like X Fase or XPhase, but San Google hadn't been able to give a good search result, or is it i don't know how to look for it, xD Well, anyway, any information on this program 'll be very gratefull for it "EDIT" Nevermind, already found it, and for those that are curious, the name goes by xFuzzy [Edited by - Kristen on June 1, 2007 11:56:44 PM]

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