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Don't understand how to get a value from a vector

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This is my vector;
std::vector<GameDatabaseItem> m_gameDatabase;

This is the function that is used to get a value from it.
const GameDatabaseItem &GameDatabase::GetItem(int index)
	return m_gameDatabase[index];

This is the variable I want to store the value;
GameDatabaseItem *game;

In a for loop, this is where I try to get that value and put it in that variable
game = gameDatabase->GetItem(i);

And on that line, this is the error I get; error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'const GameDatabaseItem' to 'const GameDatabaseItem *' Why doesn't it like it?

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Because your variable is a pointer to GameDatabaseItem, the vector stores actual GameDatabaseItem objects.

Try this:

game = &gameDatabase->GetItem( i );

Caution: If you add or remove any element from the vector your pointer will most likely be corrupt because the element in the container might have been invalidated.

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Thankyou so much. I understand it now that you tell me - using & gets the address of the object itself.

I assumed that the vector would return the address anyway. My memory is refreshed - some object type was being passed around by value (and not by address) in a game engine my lecturer developed. But I'm not sure how to do this and not sure why I would need to.

I can count on this forum. I said to myself - I'll post this problem, have a shower, and when I get back, it'll be answered. It was, heheh.

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