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GP2x and C where to start?

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Hey All, I've recently purchased the rather cool GP2x handheld device from GPH as a starting point for developing on consoles systems. I chosen this device simply because I wanted one for emulation as well as an audio device and movie player. It also seemed to be the easiest to develop for in terms of setup. I didn't want to have to go out and buy those flash carts that you have to purchase (yes I know you can run programs through emulation but I want to see it running on the actual hardware). Anyways my specific question is that I want to develop on this system using straight C but can't find ANY informations on where to start. Yes I know about SDL and all but I would rather go down the C route because I want to learn about how to initialize the system, setup screen resolutions, creating surfaces, drawing, input and audio. Basically understand what is going on under the bonnet of the system when doing certain tasks. SDL although cool in is own right abstracts this sort of thing and I just want to have an overall understanding of the underlying system. Something that when coding using SDL just doesn't do. If you guys can point me in the right direction or offer advices many thanks in advance. MAMEman.

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