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Multiplayer gaming question? -Game Idea pt2

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ok, now what I wanted to do with mages...Ive thought alot about this...I want the player to be able to take percentages of their mp(this can be a button that you can assign) over and above the cost of an attack and be able to increase the power of that attack (and the look of it haha like put in 100% of your remaining mp and instead of a little fire ball you get a massive sunlike sphere coming at you or a massive dragon of fire raging towards you lol this would be depending on how much you actually put in it) and what I wanted was to also be able to control the movement of the spell...either by binding your sight to the spell, or entering a nonmoveable mode (im thinkin press a button to enter this and being able to move the spell, because having that for every spell you cast would couldnt run around after casting haha) and this moveable mode would be draining a stamina bar(which is higher or lower due to the stat points you use) what do you think? add to my thoughts, should this kind of "put everything you've got into a final hit" thing be implemented on all classes? like having a warrior's final sword slash or something? wow i like that haha what do you think?

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Well, I can’t see the “multiplayer” question in this but I’ll comment on the rest of the ideas.

About increasing the strength of a spell or attack by charging it with extra MP. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’m just wondering how fast the charge would take. Would it be instantaneous or gradual? I can’t think of anything for instantaneous charging but there are a few obvious ideas for the gradual charging.

For example: The charging is faster while standing still compared to charging while moving (incase you had to move but don’t want to break the spell).

Another example that just popped into my head but I doubt the players would be happy about it. Wasting MP. This happens when the spell or attack is fully charged but you don’t release it, causing more MP drain to be wasted because the spell won’t take no more. This could be beneficial for the move-a-lot opponent because he knows that the longer he forces you to keep holding the spell the more MP you are wasting.

Bending projectile spells to the player’s eyesight had been done before and it’s a great idea. I suggest not using this idea for all spells though for balance reasons.

The only time I don’t want to see a mage moving is when he is casting an Area attack because that would be just plain cheating -_-

The key word here is always balance. Never make a spell TOO easy to use, or make it so hard to cast its not even worth it.

Hope this helps.

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