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dmas zero

what do you think about Unity?

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If you'll make $15,000,000 out of it, then yes.

If you'll buy it, then never use it, then perhaps - it only depends on how much money you have to waste.

The question is somewhat pointless - what are you trying to do? Can you even afford it? Will you use it to develop a product? If so, what does you business plan say to it?

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Original post by dmas zero

worth the 1500$ invest?

Buy the Indie license first. Use that. If you realise you need the full Pro features after using it, then you'll at least be certain you'll be making use of your investment. If you find it gets left to rot, you've only lost $250 rather than $1500.

Don't worry about the Windows builds until you have something you actually want to release. Even with tools like Unity, developing your game will take time and you should be able to get most of your gameplay in place before you reach the Indie license's limits. By which time, you'll know for certain whether you want to pay that $1500.

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