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The GSM battle game

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Hello here is the story:Were you have to play with everybody: Nokia and Siemens are in a big battle to decide the fate of island,,Takar,,.On 10.05.2007 Nokia send some airplanes to capture the first Siemens base but the plan failed because Siemens had some tanks.On 13.05.2007 Nokia captured the second Siemens base but 1785 Nokia soldires died.On 27.05.2007 Siemens stroke back and destroyed the 3 Nokia line.That was really bad for the enemy so they had to stop the battle,but Siemens didnt want to stop and on 1.06.2007 Nokia's Command center was destroyed.Nokia had to hide in island ,,Sorini,,and they stayed their for 6 years so they can be powerful again. After the big battle Samsung united with Sony Ericsson had a new name,,River of dreams,, decided to find Nokia.They looked for half an year but they didnt find anything.Siemens had to know that if Samsung and Sony Ericsson find Nokia that means that they will start another battle for ,,Takar,, and that wasn't good so they had too attack when ,,River of dreams,,didn't expected it.The fisrt three days in the battle were very good for Siemens but soon the tables turned and Siemens was hit very hard.Siemens didn't know what to do when they created a lazer with the biggest power.After 3 days there wasn't any ,,River of dreams,,.Samsung and Sony Ericsson were half destroyed. Siemens was the best fighters in the world until Sagem came.Siemens decided to crush Sagem but they made a big mistake.Sagem had the nowest technology and in results Siemens lost they first battle and were slaves for 4 months.After Nokia found out about the slave thing they thought about saving Siemens and they did.In the battle over ,,Maroko,,city Nokia won.After that Siemens and Nokia united into ,,Strike attack,,and they were the leaders for 7 years.No one wonted to touch them.Im still thinking on the other part. Weapons: Hi!You wont get all of the weapons at the begining!You have to pass missions so you can earn them: SmS cannon-The SMS cannon isnt very powerful.It takes 5 life from you enemy.It shoots with Sms.It has only 400 Sms in it. Infrared cannon-The INFRARED cannon is powerful.It takes 29 life from your enemy.It will have to recharge.Ammo=unlimited Camera cannon-The CAMERA cannon depends on the megapixels.If it is 1 megapixel=10 life.1,3=13 life.2=27 life.3=38 life.Ammo=1 The Call cannon-48 life from enemy.Ammo=10 calls The Screen cannon-Depends of 262k =30 life and 65k=19 life.Ammo=1 The radio Cannon-Some phones dont have it.37 life.Ammo=31 The Game cannon-60 life from enemy.Ammo=3 games The recorder Cannon-Some phones dont have it.36 life.Ammo-2 records The Memory card Cannon-Some phones dont got it.89 life.Ammo-5 shoots The Sound cannon-73 life.Ammo=Unlimited The Bluetooth cannon-100 life.Ammo=1 Shoot.Some phones dont have it. The Internet cannon-100 life.Ammo=2 shoots. The Gallery cannon-Pictures and Videos up to 500 kb=take 47 life.Ammo=3 The Usb Cannon-Some phones dont have it.Ammo=2 hits The Configuration cannon-100 life.Ammo=Unlimited. The Mtel or Globul cannon-Im not telling.You will find out.Just choose your contract.Ammo=Unlimited The Extras cannon-67 life .Ammo=1 shoot. Venichles and Airplanes: The Heavy Nokia fighter=plane-Really great plane.Its very easy to fly it.It has 9 weapons on board.379 life.10 Gsms on board.Shield=10 % The light Nokia fighter=Plane-Really good.Its very easy to fly it.It has 4 guns on board.278life.8 Gsms on board.Shield=9 % The Crusher Nokia Fighter=Plane-The best.Its very easy to fly it.It has 30 guns on board.39 Gsms on board.Life 400.Shield=20 % The Super Bomber Nokia fighter=Plane.Very good.Its very easy to fly it.It has 23 guns.80 Gsms on board.10 Heavy bombs.life 368.Shield=20 % The SMS Siemens Heavy fighter=Plane.The best.Its hard to Fly it.It has 100 guns.200 Gsms on board.27 Heavy bombs.Life 400.Shield=20 % The 8st Siemens rocketer=Plane.Very good.Its easy to fly it,It has 93 guns on board.176 GSms.20 Rockets.Life 365.Shield=20 % Still working on the others Controls of the game: Up,Down,Right,Left=Movement Mouse first button=Fire Mouse second Button=Grenades Mouse=Look Mouse 3 button =Change Weapons Space=Jump Enter=Get into a gun or venchle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9=Commands C=Crouch P=Prone M=Aim down the sight(ADS) V=Melee attack R=Reload Still working! Display: Health bar-This is you life.The life depends on what kind of phone have you chosen.If its bigger and better you will have more life. Power bar-The power bar is your Gsms Power.If it runs out you will fall on the ground and enemys can kill you easyear. Ammo-This is the Ammo for your current weapon Still working! [Edited by - Marsoto on June 3, 2007 5:54:41 AM]

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