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Socket question (C++ Builder)

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I'm not sure if anyone here uses C++ Builder at all, but I don't know where else to ask. I'm using a ClientSocket object to try and communicate with a ftp server. The problem is, it's not sending any data once it's connected. I have set up events for connecting, disconnecting, sending and receiving data. These events print a message to the window for debugging. Next up, I'm trying to send commands back to the server once the program is connected:

	Output->Lines->Add("> " + Commandline->Text);
	Commandline->Text = "";
When I launch the program and connect I get
--- Connected ---
--- Sending data ---
--- Receiving data ---
220 EHV-SRVHOST-FE Microsoft FTP Service (Version 5.0).
Which is good, the socket connects and automatically sends something, the server replies by telling me it's name. When I now try to send other messages such as USER, PASS or anything at all, nothing gets sent. The ClientSocketWrite function is never triggered. What am I doing wrong?

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