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TGA File Writing

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Hi peeps, having some trouble with my targa file writer, the image it creates seems to have problems with offsets im not sure, but the code is here:

	static bool WriteBufferToFile(std::string fn, CBuffer<CColour> &buffer, short w, short h) 
		FILE * file;

		//open up file
		if((file = fopen(fn.c_str(),"w+"))==NULL)
			return false;

		//write out identification number
		char idSize = (char)0;
		fwrite(&idSize, sizeof(unsigned char), 1, file);

		char colorMap = (char)0;
		fwrite(&colorMap, sizeof(unsigned char), 1, file);

		char colorType = (char)2;
		fwrite(&colorType, sizeof(char), 1, file);

		//colour map specification
		short int colourMapEntryOffset = 0;
		short int colourMapLength = 0;
		unsigned char colourMapEntrySize = 0;
		fwrite(&colourMapEntryOffset, sizeof(short int), 1, file);
		fwrite(&colourMapLength, sizeof(short int), 1, file);
		fwrite(&colourMapEntrySize, sizeof(unsigned char), 1, file);

		short int xOrig = 0;
		short int yOrig = 0;
		short int width = w;
		short int height = h;
		unsigned char bitdepth = (char)24;
		unsigned char imageDesc = (char)0;
		fwrite(&xOrig,sizeof(short int),1,file);
		fwrite(&yOrig,sizeof(short int),1,file);
		fwrite(&width,sizeof(short int),1,file);
		fwrite(&height,sizeof(short int),1,file);
		fwrite(&bitdepth,sizeof(unsigned char),1,file);

		imageDesc = 0;
		imageDesc = 0x00000000;
		//write data to file
		for(int i = 0; i < h; i++)
			for(int j = 0; j < w; j++)
				CColour pixel = buffer.Get(j,i);
				char r, g, b;
				r = (char)(pixel.mR * 255);
				g = (char)(pixel.mG * 255);
				b = (char)(pixel.mB * 255);

		return true;

Clicky for image

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