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mass spring system (free src/lib)

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hi there, i'm looking for a free mass-spring-system. it should be (numerically) rather stable, not too shacky and have support for a distance constraint between the single springnodes. [H]--/\/\/\--[N]--/\/\/\--[N]--... <----D---> i want to attach the spring head (H) to some moving point. the other nodes (N) should then of course follow the head (stretch first, then come after). the minimum distance constraint (D) should be fullfilled (with some small vershooting of course). when the head moved too fast the whole system should not go nuts but rather be slow. i already tried and re-implemented some example-code i found on the web but it never worked so well. maybe i just don't know enough about the parameters (could anyone point out good material on this topic?) ... and i already looked through the sticky thread here and the game-lib-list but i think none of the physics engines offers such a thing. right now i could live with a 2D version although i'm generally interested in a 3D version. oh ja, standard c++ preferred... thanks in advance

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