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What benifits do using Static Libraries and DLL's have in engine building?

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I am currently knee deep in the book 3D Game Engine Programming and I am trying to figure out exactly what benifits using Static Libraries and DLL's can offer an engine. When messing around with my "toy" engines before reading this book it never even crossed my mind to attempt to implement them. Hmm....just looking for some insight. Regards Chad

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The reasons you would make libraries are the same for any piece of software; it provides a formal framework for creating re-usable code.

Let's say you finish your engine and make a couple of games with it. Experience with the engine shows up a deficiency and you decide to re-write large parts of it for your future games.

If your code is all tangled together (not "modular" in some sense), it's hard to extract existing code that you've already created for use in the new engine because it's all interdependent.

By separating out functionality in to isolated units, you are able to easily re-use as many or as few of your existing components in other projects as you like.

You might already have a pretty bitchin' model loader, for example. But if your texture loader sucks and is tightly coupled with the model loader, you're going to have a job separating out the texture stuff. It each was in it's own library to begin with, you wouldn't have that problem.

However, designing *really good* library interfaces is not easy.

Static libraries vs dynamic libraries is a different question, but I don't think you meant that?


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