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Another HGE question [solved]

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OK, I realize not that many people use this engine (I'm starting to regret it too). I appreciate it if someone who has experience can take a look at this problem. Using version 1.7, every time I delete a gui control, the game crashes the next time gui->update() is called. I've been working with this damn thing for a couple of days, so anyone who can help, please drop me a line. ** edit: To be a little more specific, it only crashes (with a c00000005 exception) when I delete a ctrl that was the last clicked. SetFocus does nothing. ** edit: Since this isn't covered anywhere in the documentation, the solution is:

gui->Leave();         // lock (leave) the gui first
gui->SetFocus(1);     // reset the focus to a new id
gui->Enter();         // unlock (enter) the gui

[Edited by - argonaut on June 5, 2007 10:38:06 PM]

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