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How to make the computer have intelligence? Blueprint

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The next generation really computer operate system. I think it is take the software development as dominant. Put its request promote development of hardware. Hardware: input: major include video camera, also of keyboard, data USB port Etc. Output: monitor and loudhailer. Software: 3 important parts 1. Initialize defines the substantive figure of the standard basic objective things (nouns) and corresponding series attribute. Enactment scale, image orientation, dimension, the aim is facility record and machine recognition. At the same time, can be calculate the 3D position between observation and objects in the space. The Verb definition is composite phenomenon of movement direction or time need of substantive figure. 2. Recognition and self-definition for new things system. Every picture of in the video is Line-by-line scanning and research similar feature from standard database. Extract and locked direction of the feature from recorded photograph compare with standards, tow different features has certainly discrepancy. Because every pixel has intrinsic value, for example: color, position, Etc... Machine needs calculate the variance ratio of the skewing and the color value of every pair corresponding pixel in permutation each other. Assume the variance ratio is 80%~120%, can be classify identification. 3. The machine creativity is kinds of pattern combination system of benefit request of by human being. Other: Some Inspection equipment and coordinated software. Because of no enough time for me, I temporary wrote arrived to this. I very much enjoy hearing from my readers, and I will hearty answer for you in time.

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