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Q3MAP2 Repost

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I'm reposting this problem since it took me a long time to post some relevant code. So here it is: I was drawing faces like this:
glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLE_FAN, Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].Vertex + Scene.BSPMap.fMeshVerts[Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].MeshVert], Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].MeshVertCount);
which works ok for q3map compiled BSPs. On q3map2 compiled maps it looks weird (like triangles are missing, but actually is even more f***d up). I found out that in order to render a q3map2 BPS you should use the MeshVert array as an index to vertices you want to draw, which would produce a call like this:
glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].MeshVertCount, GL_INT, @Scene.BSPMap.fMeshVerts[Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].MeshVert]);
However this gives me a blank screen. This is an alternate solution:
for aux := 0 to Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].MeshVertCount-1 do
glVertex3fv(@Scene.BSPMap.fVertices[Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].Vertex + Scene.BSPMap.fMeshVerts[Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].MeshVert] + aux].Position);
Which gives me errors the same way the triangle fan solution did. Any ideeas on what might go wrong?

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Fund problems:

1. GL_UNSIGNED_INT instead of GL_INT (opengl does not support negative indices). Worked ok with my signed int array though.

2. Aux was in the wrong place wrong. Right way is:

glVertex3fv(@Scene.BSPMap.fVertices[Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].Vertex +
Scene.BSPMap.fMeshVerts[Scene.BSPMap.fFaces[i].MeshVert + aux]].Position);

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