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monitor occasionally stays black after exiting fullscreen exclusive app

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I am testing the Release build of my Direct3D game in full-screen exclusive mode. Rarely, when I quit the game my monitor stays black. This is fixed by turning the monitor off and then on again. The same thing also has once happened in starting up my game (I had to turn the monitor off and on to see the main menu screen.) Note: Under the control panel I have the debug Direct3D runtime enabled. Could this be the source of my problem, or is this whole thing just an isolated video card/monitor issue? I ask this because I am in the middle of trying to get this game published, and I am afraid this issue could prevent me from making any headway. (If anyone wants to investigate, the game demo can be found in my signature's link.) Thanks for any help! [Edited by - synth_cat on June 6, 2007 8:05:06 PM]

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